Vulkan Vegas Loyalty program

Most online casinos nowadays present their players not only with the opportunity of gambling on slots and table games, use loyalty programs on their platform to increase their wins. And Vulkan Vegas is no exception! We have a great Vulkan Vegas loyalty program that provides great benefits from using it, and we will learn about these benefits in just a moment.

Loyality Program main logo on the page

Levels in the program

The Vulkan Vegas VIP program has levels that you can get, 99 of them, in fact. It’s similar to modern games: earn points to get new levels. And the bigger your level, the greater the rewards will be for you. 

Also, depending on your progress, you will be rewarded with one of the ten statuses. Each status has its own unique advantage, thus, the greater your status, the lower the conversion rate will be.

Loyality Program Levels for our members

LevelsStatusesPointsTo next levelExchange rateReload bonusCashback
1-9Casino Royale010-100
20-29Caesars Palace1500850450:120%3%
80-89New York50000050000150:180%9%

What are levels?

Levels are basically a representation of your success in the loyalty program. The bigger your level is, the greater benefits you will get. For example, if you have level 5, then you will have no cashback, while if you have level 90, you will have 12% cashback, as well as a 90%, reload bonus. So it’s definitely beneficial to have more levels.

What are levels on the Loyalty Program?

What are statuses?

Statuses are somewhat similar to levels. Depending on your status on the site, you will also get certain perks. You can exchange your points, and the bigger your status is, the lower is the conversion rate.

What are statuses on the Loyalty Program?

Weekly Bonus

A weekly Bonus is also a thing that exists in the loyalty program. They allow you to receive up to 90% on your deposits every week. The percentage depends significantly on your status. And the Weekly Bonus has no exceptions, meaning that every single player, including Canadians, that uses the loyalty program can use it. The maximum amount you can receive from a weekly bonus is $200, which can be converted to CAD.

Weekly bonus picture on the Vulkan Vegas loyalty page