5 Workout Accessories You Need for Your Home Gym

You want a space to work out even when the weather outside is nasty. A home gym is the obvious solution. There’s no need to get dressed and drive to a fitness center or brave the foul weather at all. Instead, you walk into the home gym and get busy. Here are a few examples of workout accessories that will make your workout more productive and fun.

Push Up Bars

You could do push up bars on a mat, but there’s a better way. Using a set of push up bars makes it easier to sustain your grip and also leverages your body weight for resistance. The added exertion allows you to get more out of every push up you complete. That’s important, since this simple exercise works muscles in your arms, back, and chest.

Standard and Olympic Bars

Did you know there is more than one type of weight lifting bar that you can include in your home gym? Standard bars are great if you are just beginning to work out. They usually include grooves that make it easier to maintain a tight grip. That’s important, since you want complete control as you go through the routine.

Olympic bars are more versatile, in that you will find them easier to use when doing squats or any exercise that involves spinning the weights. Having enough of both types on hand will diversify your routine and keep it from growing stale.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are great for warming up and also happen to be a lot of fun. They provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and are often a good way to get started when you know you need to work out but are not quite in the mood. After the fun of jumping rope for a few minutes, it’s easier to slip into your typical routine.

Weight Benches

Weight benches are great when you want to lift free weights. Pair the bench with the right bar and a reasonable amount of weight and you will do a lot to build your upper body strength. If the bench also happens to recline, it can double as a sit up bar. You can also buy an attachment that allows you to add more weight while you do your leg lifts.

Exercise Balls

You may think that exercise balls can only be used when someone is working out with you, think again. You can sit on these devices as a way to help improve your coordination and balance. They can also be used during different aerobic exercises and even help with your posture. If you want to include yoga in your workout routine, there are several positions that call for the use of an exercise ball.

As you get in better shape, add more equipment and accessories to your home gym. With the right approach, you will look forward to those workouts and enjoy the benefits of being stronger, looking fit, and in general feeling a lot better.

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