Don’t Do Any Of These Things To Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the most frequent diseases that affect a big portion of the world’s population. Doctors and personal trainers focus on preventing people to reach these extreme situations. The battle versus weight is among the hardest there is. It requires will, strength, and commitment to overcome this disease. There are many ways to lose weight like following a strict diet or doing exercises, but either way, people have to take into account the advice of a professional trainer or nutritionist. If obese people adventure into weight loss on their own, there can be serious health consequences.

Many times, people are willing to do anything in their power to lose weight even though those alternatives are potentially dangerous for health and, instead of losing weight, it could backfire and injure their wellbeing. Even though doing a diet is beneficial, there are many strategies that people should avoid doing while on a diet.

To start commenting on some of these strategies, we should start with the use of supplements. Many times it sounds like a dream the amount of nutrients and vitamins they provide. But let’s take into account that pharmaceutical companies don’t have to prove the effectiveness or safety before selling on the market. Many of these products claim to be natural and they are really not. If you think of taking supplements to lose weight, you better not.

Also, it is common to starve, or eat very low calories diets. This is very harmful because severely cutting calories leads to weight loss but it also includes muscle loss and lower metabolism. Diets which tend to be very strict cause a shift towards a higher percentage of fat in the body, this increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Likewise, anything related to purging should be completely avoided. This means making yourself vomit, chewing and spiting or using laxatives on a daily basis is extremely harmful. These behaviors are unsafe and harmful for the body, yet unfortunately, they are very common. The danger of these methods lies in the fact that the stomach has strong acids for absorption and digestion, so when vomiting, these acids cause erosion in the esophagus, mouth and teeth. This potentially leads to cancer and tooth decay. Using laxatives cause excess fluid loss which produces extreme dehydration and fluids imbalance. Therefore, this way of losing weight is extremely dangerous.

Last but not least is doing exercises to an extreme level. Although it sounds excellent on TV, over-exercising in the real world can really cause many problems. It can lead to grave tear and wear of muscles and tendons. This causes an increase in the occurrence of injury, electrolytes imbalance and dehydration. Also many people do exercise as a punishment for eating, this produces extreme psychological damage. So far, many specialists recommend just doing 30 minutes of intense cardio exercises 5 days a week maximum.

Taking all of these into account, following a proper Monthly Healthy Meal Plan and a good exercise routine, can produce weight loss but not any harmful effects for the body. Follow the advice of a professional and you can get the body you desire without raising your life.


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