Health Benefits of Getting Sober before Pregnancy

Are you tired of looking and feeling completely drained after a night of drinking? Are you planning to have a child now or in the foreseeable future? It is important to make sure your health is in tip top shape before you are expecting. Whether you struggle with an alcohol addiction or have a few drinks on the weekend, cutting out alcohol from your life can substantially improve your overall health! If you are looking to strip alcohol from your life and start living a healthier and happier life visit an alcohol treatment center today. If you are worried about alcohol or any drug you can follow these tips from US drug testing to make sure you are 100% healthy before prenatal development. Below we have compiled a list of just a few of the neverending health benefits of a sober lifestyle to help your prenatal child development and give you that extra push to get sober. Help your  give them the best start in the world by detoxing and following these few simple tips.

Maintain a healthy weight

As you’re likely aware alcohol is not thought of as a low-calorie beverage, but just how bad for you is this habit? A standard 12-ounce beer contains an average of 150 calories, and in a single shot of hard liquor, there are roughly 100 calories. Depending on how much you drink, these numbers can add up quickly! What’s even more displeasing is that alcoholic drinks are empty calories, providing zero nutritional value to your diet and attributing to weight gain. If you’re trying to drop a few pounds on the scale, removing alcohol from your life can guarantee a difference! Not only will you save calories from the alcohol, but the snacking that’s often done under the influence will also be eliminated. If you’re at a healthy weight, you can now consume these calories saved from drinking in new ways such as indulging in your favorite food.

A clearer mind

Have you ever noticed that after a night of drinking you wake up the next morning in a haze, feeling like your mind is foggy and memory is lagging? This is because drinking alcohol affects your brain, slowing down its ability to function, impacting your ability to think, focus, and store memories. Depending on how much you drink your brain’s functionality can be effected in even more severe ways. Eliminating alcohol from your life and replacing it with something like water will have you thinking clearly and more positive, making more thought out decisions, and feeling in control of your headspace.

Boosted energy

One of the worst parts about regular drinking is the constant feeling of fatigue and drowsiness that comes with it. While consuming alcohol may make you tired, the quality of sleep you get after drinking is severely worsened, increasing the likelihood of waking up throughout the night for various reasons. This means experiencing feelings of exhaustion the following day, affecting your ability to maintain energy, reach your full potential, and complete the tasks at hand. Even if you sleep through the night, the effects of a hangover are sure to wear you down. Stopping drinking will result in increased levels of energy, and therefore a more productive day and overall better day!

Improved Complexion

If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you have likely woken up with dried out, red, blotchy, or broken out skin with bags under your eyes. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, robbing it from the moisture it needs to maintain a youthful, glowy look. Regular drinking can affect your skin much more than you might think, creating wrinkles and causing you to look years older than you actually are. Once alcohol is out of the equation, your physical appearance will naturally begin to improve!


Matthew Boyle is the Chief Operating Officer of Landmark Recovery drug and alcohol rehab center and has been working in the healthcare space for 7 years now with a new emphasis on recovery. Before his ventures into healthcare Matthew graduated from Duke University in 2011 Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After Duke Matthew went on to work for Boston Consulting Group before he realized where his true passion lied within Recovery. His vision is to save a million lives in 100 years with a unique approach to recovery that creates a supportive environment through trust, treatment and intervention.


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