The Benefits of Neem for Your Skin

Neem is a healthy herb that provides lots of benefits to your skin. Many people refer it as a ‘wonder leaf’ due to its several medicinal uses in Ayurveda. Scientifically, it is called Azadirachta indica.

This wonder leaf is used in many Indian communities as neem honey, neem water, neem oil, neem soap etc. Neem is one healthy ingredient you will never regret to have. Experts say that it has numerous healthcare benefits both for your skin and hair.

Both its leaves and oil contain a wide range of active compounds that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the beauty products we use such as creams, lotions, shampoos, bath powders, and soaps contain neem as one of their active ingredients.

If you are having beauty issues like uneven skin tone or hair loss, dandruff, fine lines, blackheads, wrinkles, and acne, then you don’t need to look further, because neem has the capacity to solve these problems effectively and naturally. Let us look at some health benefits of neem:

Oil control

If you are having oily-skin issues, then neem leaves can help to minimize excess production of oil in your skin. All you need to do is simply to prepare a paste of lemon, yogurt, and leaves, and then gently apply it on your face. After applying it, leave it there for 20 minutes before washing it away. For effective results, repeat this process once every week for two months.


Neem leaves helps in removing dead skin cells. Get neem paste, and add few ground orange peel powder to it, mix it with three to four drops of olive oil. Apply it to your skin and leave it for at least fifteen minutes after scrubbing.

After fifteen minutes, you can wash it away with lukewarm water. This process is very nice, and ideal, because it will help in the removal of whiteheads and blackheads.

Fights acne

Scientific studies show that neem has diverse therapeutic properties like antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which helps in the treatment of acne-related ailments. Besides killing the bacteria that causes the breakout, it also minimizes the inflammation associated with pimples and acne.

Clear and glowing skin

Do you want to have a glowing skin? Then you need to be applying neem paste to your skin. Turmeric and neem leaves have the capacity to make your skin glow. Try and add some grated cucumber to it.

Besides having a glowing skin, neem leaves can whiten your face as well. All you need to do is to apply neem leaves on your face overnight. Repeat this process for few days. Sleep on your back, so that you won’t soil your pillow or bedspread.

Heal Scars

One of the great reasons why you should use neem is that it can heal your wounds without leaving any noticeable scars. Many healthcare providers recommend it because it prevents septic infections.

Treats skin infections

Neem prevents skin infections. It contains antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which treat various forms of skin infections such as tinea cruris, ringworm and lots more.

It helps in getting rid of all kinds of redness, swelling, dark spots and blemishes. The antioxidant properties in it help in minimizing melanin production as well as in making your skin to tone even more.

Fights anti-aging signs

Neem is filled with wonderful nutrients that are good for your skin. Specifically, it contains amazing high levels of antioxidants which help in the protection of your skin from all forms of environmental damage.

Neem oil makes your skin to look younger than your real age, because it has regenerative properties. This can only be possible if you apply neem paste on your skin regularly. Studies have shown that regular application of neem products will cool, soothes and drastically fights all aging signs.

Treats scalp infections

The benefits of neem are multiple; it helps in the promotion and conditioning of your hair. Surely, neem will moisturize your hair and skin. If you have scalp infections, then add neem products to it. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties in it will effectively deal with the scalp infections.

Moisturize skin

Neem leaves moisturizes your skin by keeping it supple and soft. It is effective in lightening scars as well as pigmentation caused by scabies and acne. For example, if you have minor wounds or pimples, all you need to do is simply to apply neem leaf decoction to it.

If you have any kind of skin infection, simply mix turmeric with neem paste, and gently apply it there. Do this at least twice a week for three months. This process will effectively moisturize your skin.

Treats pimples

Neem leaves are very effective in treating pimples and all forms of skin pigmentation. If you want to cure pimples naturally, then try using neem products. From the available analysis, every part of this product is helpful. If you browse through the internet, you will read amazing stories of people whose pimples have been cured simply by regular application of neem products.

Neem is very useful in the treatment of all kinds of ayurvedic issues or various diseases. Neem tree is also medicinal. Its barks can be used to brush the teeth, but the leaves are the ones people use most.

They have lots of properties and that is why people tend to use them. Some of their properties include antiviral, antifungal, aesthetic, antibacterial and astringent properties. Neem leaves are so powerful that they treat almost every skin infections and diseases such as inflammations, scars, itch, pimples, allergies, acne, skin rashes, and so on.

The beauty industry uses neem to enhance the appearance of a person. It will make your skin to be impeccably perfect and clear. Apply neem products to your oily skin, and it will gradually absorb the excess oils.

Today, neem leaves are used in many manufacturing firms around the world. They are used to produce pastes, lotions, and skin creams which can heal people from all forms of skin issues.

Most herbal products, shampoos and soaps that are used in India and around the world were produced from neem leaves. Most times they are used in combination of other helpful herbs. People keep using products produced from neem leaves because they work effectively. Besides beautifying your skin, neem leaves and trees can be grinded and used to cure various forms of illnesses.

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