Tips on How to Put our Mental Health First

Our mind and body, in most cases, are put into two categories and treated as two different entities. The benefits of exercise and physical health on your mental well-being are essential. However, putting ourselves first is a constant struggle in life.

Our mental health tends to move up and down from positive mental health to debilitating mental illness. With some of the daily pressures of work, project deadlines, filling the contest entry form template, family commitments, and even economic, social and political state of the world, can consume our energy and thoughts to a point where you’re burnt out and mentally crippled. In such a world, here are some of the things you can do to be more mentally resilient:

  1. Express Your Feelings and Emotions

One of the things that will assist you to pinpoint what triggers you is verbalizing your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. By being vocal, you will be able to figure out what you need to do to manage the triggers or stressors. Maybe a close friend, a colleague, or a close family member can be an outlet upon which you voice your feelings and thoughts to. If you are uncomfortable sharing with another party, use a journal instead.

  1. Let Go of the Need to Be Perfect

Most people tend to feel depressed when they see how most of their friends or celebrities are living on social media. It can be easy to resent people who seem to walk in the light especially when you are experiencing a dark phase in your life.

Comparing casts an enormous shadow on your current reality and perspective which can be harmful to your mental sanity. To avoid that, stay away from platforms that will make you want to compare your life to that of others, and indulge in something you love and feel right about it. Try out a luxurious home spa, taking a stroll through the park, or a meditation session, anything that gives you time to love yourself.

  1. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Staying active, having a healthier diet, and cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes can have a positive impact on your mental health, and also minimize the risk of depression. Make realistic and small changes that will contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. You could start eating each food group in controlled portions, drinking plenty of water, and jogging in the morning.

  1. Take a Break From the World

The world has a tendency of causing us to feel anxious, stressed, or depressed. Political instability, a volatile economy, and civil conflicts that are out of our control are some of the things that make us feel despondent. Set aside time to avoid news that will trigger emotional distress when you think it’s a bit too much to handle.

  1. Be Present, Accept Who and Where You Are in Life

Some triggers cause you to feel anxious about what’s to come in the future and cause you to neglect your wellbeing in the present moment. Focus on the present, avoid worrying about what is beyond your control, and break your long-term plan into small achievable goals that you can reflect on without feeling overwhelmed.


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