What Alcohol Counselling Entails

Alcohol counselling is a type of therapy that entails talking to an addict in order to get them out of their addiction. However, many people do not understand alcohol counselling and how it is done. It is important for addicts to receive proper counselling as this is the only way to get them out of addiction.  Counselling happens in many different stages. In this article, we are going to look at what Alcohol Counselling entails. Although this might seem as just some conversation that the counsellor and the addict are having, it is something that is more than that.

Preparation stage

Alcohol counselling happens in different stages. First the counsellor attempts to calm down the addict so that he can be in the mood for counselling. It is very difficult to deal with an addict that is not willing to be counselled and this stage makes the process easy. In this stage, the counsellor briefs the patient on the benefits of receiving counselling and alcohol related treatment. The counsellor also looks at the condition of the patient before deciding whether to go on with the counselling or not.

The actual counselling

When the time for the counselling session comes, the patient meets with the counsellor to talk about the real issues. There are many things that a counsellor looks at during a counselling session. First, the counsellor seeks to find out whether the patient has accepted to reform. This is a very important point because you cannot change without having accepted to. The counsellor therefore asks several questions to establish this.

Secondly, the counsellor finds out the reasons why the patient became a drunkard.  There are many reasons why someone may decide to become a drunkard. Factors such as social pressure, home problems, job issues and others may prompt someone to become a drunkard. It is only by establishing the root cause of a problem that the professionals are able to cure it totally. After that, the counselling session goes to the treatment stage where a therapist seeks to find solution for the drinking problem. This is a stage where both he therapist and the patient work together. Besides being briefed about treatment options available at a rehabilitation center, the therapist seeks to provide a solution that will prevent patient from getting back to drinking.

Drinking is a major problem that affects all aspects of ones life. Therefore, it is important to attack it from different angles. For example, drinking takes its toll on ones health, social standing, job and relationship. Doctors have explained how drinking can affect your liver.  If you spent a long time drinking, you could develop liver cirrhosis which is a very serious condition.  It is therefore important to look at all these aspects so that you can get a drunkard back into normal life again. Therefore, it is advisable to take the path that will lead you to normal health again.


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