4 Tips To Improve Your Memory

Are you having trouble remembering things? It’s normal to get distracted and lose track of your original goal, but loss of short term memory could be frustrating. Follow these four tips and you can enhance your memory. Gone are the days you are rushing to an appointment you just remembered. Continue reading to see how to lessen the stress in your life by boosting your memory.

Get Some B Vitamins

There are so many advantages of all B vitamins that help with your cognition. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 all help the neuroplasticity of your brain. Sometimes B vitamins are known more for their names and not their numbers. For example, B1 is also known as Thiamine, B2 is Riboflavin and B3 is Niacin. Although you may have a good diet that provides you with the proper amounts of vitamin B, taking a supplement will ensure that your brain is working to its full capacity. Make sure the supplement contains all of these B vitamins, although they may be listed under their vitamin name or number.

Your brain has hundreds of functions, and this special mix of vitamin B helps by increasing blood flow and support healthy brain function. Read this article by Research and You for more information about all the benefits that B vitamins provide.

Some of these advantages are:

  • the creation and support of healthy brain cells
  • better focus and energy
  • improvement of short term memory and recall
  • mood stabilization

Now you have no need to bring a cheat-sheet for tests: you can just rely on your amazing brain.

Eat More Fish

Your diet affects your energy levels, but certain foods can also boost your cognition as well. Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel contains a large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which help with brain function and cell health. You can also receive omega-3 from seeds, nuts, and soybeans.

Go For A Walk

Exercise is good for your whole body, including your brain. But, you don’t need strenuous exercise to help wake up your brain. If you’re feeling sleepy or unfocused, getting up and going outside for a walk for just 20 minutes can restore your brain and provide you with more energy. In fact, there even was a study done that walking in nature, such as a park, helps you relax and help you feel rejuvenated. This is because walking around a city and being aware of pedestrians, traffic and cyclists can be more stressful. Instead of dodging pedestrians and traffic, you can relax by walking around trees and grass. So, if there’s a park or garden nearby, take a break and help your brain return to its full functioning capacity.

Draw, Not Write

Drawing adds a sense of physicality that helps with your memory more than just writing does for you. This trick works whether you need to remember a doctor’s appointment and can even assist with learning a new language. Drawing requires different actions in the brain by triggering your visual and physical functions in your brain. Your memory improves when you are creating more pathways in your brain by doing something physical. A study was done comparing recollection of a list of words with half of the participants drawing a picture linked to the word and half of them just having to remember it auditorily. The results showed that the added step of drawing a picture helped participants remember twice as many words as those without the drawing element. Stimulate your visual memory and you’ll be able to remember twice as much as before.

Wrapping Up

No more need to worry if you’re forgetting something; if you follow these four tips, your memory and overall brain function will definitely improve. Remember to watch what you eat, and add omega-3 fatty acids into your diet for boosted cognitive function. Taking a supplement that contains B vitamins is also a great way to help your brain. Don’t be afraid of wasting time when you take a break; taking a walk walk to clear and rejuvenate your mind. And finally, if you need to remember a list of things, make sure to draw them to ensure it’ll stick in your brain.


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