Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia And Erectile Dysfunction

Men who are diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia may be concerned that it will have an impact on their erectile function. Although these two conditions are separate problems,both of which can be fixed with medications from, they are still somehow linked.

Men who have BPH often get sexual dysfunction, and men with sexual dysfunction often have BPH. Studies show that the worse the BPH symptoms are, the more likely sexual issues like low desire, trouble getting or keeping an erection and poor sexual satisfaction will appear. There’s also evidence that certain BPH medications can contribute to impotence as well. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction treatment can improve BPH symptoms.

Thus, generic drugs for ED which are all PDE5 inhibitors work via several mechanisms. Firstly, they block a signaling pathway that causes contraction of the smooth muscles. Secondly, they increase the levels of nitric oxide, helping smooth muscles in the lower urinary tract relax. And thirdly, they are supposed to decrease hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system which influences the function of the prostate, bladder and penis.

This class of medication can be effective in men with or without ED. Cheap generic Levitra online has been shown to effectively treat erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms, including improvement in flow rates in men with BPH. However, PDE5 inhibitors aren’t currently approved for treating BPH.

The results of ED drugs studies and their ability to treat enlarged prostate and relieve BPH symptoms show promise, but they aren’t long-term. And while more evidence is needed to directly compare the connection between BPH and erectile dysfunction,as well as ED drugs with medications for BPH, your doctor may recommend you to buy drugs online which can help improve your condition. Usually most men will need further treatment for BPH, but ED resulting from enlarged prostate and having a negative impact on self-esteem and life quality shouldn’t be underestimated.


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